Oh no, not the female symbol

ERASE WOMEN. Whatever else you do, be sure always to ERASE WOMEN.

Activist brags of getting women erased from packaging for…menstrual equipment.

After having contacted @Always back in June about their packaging that discriminated against their transgender customers through its design that featured the female symbol, I’m thrilled to hear back that they’ve now redesigned the packaging which will go out in December!!


Yay! Women erased from another place! Awesome work, Ben!

(Ben may be a trans man. I don’t take that to make his activism any more progressive or useful or thoughtful.)

One reply:

There are women and girls who freeze to death bc they aren’t allowed at home or in school when they have their period. There are women and girls who can’t afford these products and have to use newspaper or socks. And you… you have a problem with packages… Holy shit.

Ben of course is now whining about women who don’t like being erased:


I love being sent transphobic tweets and comments just for saying that a company shouldn’t exclude trans people

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