Only in these days of political correctness

Trump is such a genius, nothing escapes his attention. Well ok some things escape his attention, like Puerto Rico and Kim’s missile launches and the dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi and little things like that, but the important stuff is front and center at all times.

Of…political correctness? Is the horse who unfairly won a woman? Disabled? Puerto Rican? What’s he talking about?

The Times explains.

For the first time in the history of the legendary horse race, the horse that crossed the finish line first was disqualified for interference and stripped of its win.

The first-place finisher, Maximum Security, was disqualified because he jumped a puddle on the very wet track and slid to the outside, preventing his rival, War of Will, from moving forward and forcing its rider, Tyler Gaffalione, to squeeze his knees just to stay on his horse.

Erm…I’m not seeing the political correctness. Puzzle as I might, I still can’t see it. Is the idea that sliding on a wet track is accidental and the accidental shouldn’t be disqualifying? But if the physics of it works out to: War of Will would have crossed first if Maximum Security hadn’t slid, then surely that has to do with whatever the rules are.

Of course Trump cheats at golf…maybe that’s it! There’s been a lot of reporting on his cheating at golf, including not just moving his own ball to a better spot but moving the other golfer’s ball to a worse spot – maybe Trump has decided to his own satisfaction that all that reporting is just Political Correctness, i.e. they don’t like him because Political Correctness so they say he cheats because Political Correctness even though it’s true that he cheats but still talking about it is sheer Political Correctness. Therefore Maximum Security’s foul wasn’t a foul, he shoulda won, it’s an outrage!

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