Politically charged

CNN is doing a live update thing on Trump and racism.

House Democrats said they are staying focused on their policy agenda and will call out President Trump’s tactics to “deflect” and divide the country.

Rep. Katherine Clark said at a news conference Tuesday Democrats are going to continue to speak out against racist attacks.

“This president with his racist attacks is showing us that he is not concerned with anything but further enriching those who are already rich and powerful. And his plan is to distract us, to divide us, so they can pickpocket us while we’re not looking,” Clark said. “That’s what we are speaking out against. This attack on American values, this attack on trying to be a country that is the United States of America, not the divided states.”

Well he does want to keep enriching those who are already rich and powerful, though not nearly as much as he wants to keep enriching himself. But let’s not treat the racism as a mere distraction: he wants to keep performing noisy belligerent ignorant racism from his platform as president of the US, too. It’s not a tiresome chore to him, it’s fun. He loves it.

Meanwhile the Republicans are trying to push it behind the door.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was just asked about President Trump’s racist tweets about four progressive Democratic congresswomen and those representatives’ response to the attacks.

McCarthy said the Democrats’ response has been politically charged.

Ah, politically charged; were they indeed. How very shocking. Of course it’s not at all politically charged for Trump to scream that they should get out of the country.

McCarthy says “We should get back to the business of America.” Certainly we should, but we can’t just ignore the Top Dog screaming racist insults from the podium over and over again.

Trump, meanwhile…

It’s not good for heads of state to tell citizens to get out. That’s not what Trump is supposed to be doing.

They were, and he does.

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