Pure show pony

They don’t think these things through at all, do they.

Temporary provisional acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney did an interview for CBS news the other day.

Of particular interest, though, was the exchange that began at the 23:12 mark of the conversation.

The host noted that the Treasury Department has refused a congressional order to turn over Donald Trump’s tax returns, and Garrett asked why. This was the exchange that followed:

MULVANEY: Because they are not entitled to see them by law. By the way, they know, especially on this one, they know they’re never going to get these documents. This is a pure show-pony-type of situation. They know the legal reasons they can get those documents –

GARRETT: Legitimate legislative function.

MULVANEY: Right. And they’re not even close to that… They’re just doing this to make the president look bad. They don’t care. This is not about information about the president. Keep in mind, all of the president’s financial holdings, by law, are disclosed. Want to know what the president owns? Want to know how he makes money? All of that stuff is, by law, I have to fill out my form by the end of next week. So does he. This is just about trying to embarrass the president.

GARRETT: What’s embarrassing about his tax records?

MULVANEY: That’s what they want to know.

Oops. Don’t they plan ahead at all? Don’t they come up with an explanation for why Trump is hiding his tax returns that doesn’t imply he knows they’ll document what a crook he is?

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