The Fair Cop campaign

Andrew Gilligan in the Sunday Times:

People warned by the police over comments they made about transgender issues are launching a pressure group and legal action next week, challenging “Big Brother interference” with their free speech rights.

The Fair Cop campaign is headed by Harry Miller, 54, from Lincolnshire, who was visited at work in January by Humberside police for retweeting a limerick that said trans women had silicone breasts. The force admitted there was no crime, but described it as a “hate incident” and said it would be monitoring Miller’s and his wife’s social media accounts.

Others involved include the Father Ted writer Graham Linehan, who was given a police warning after getting into a row with a trans activist on Twitter; the journalist Caroline Farrow, who was threatened with an interview under caution for “misgendering” a trans person; and Kate Scottow, who was arrested in front of her children and held in a cell for seven hours after referring to a transgender woman as a man.

Police telling people that men are women and it’s a crime to deny it. I know I keep saying this but isn’t it funny how women have never had this level of police concern over actual threats and sustained abuse, while now mere “misgendering” merits an interview under caution.

The force defended its action against Miller as “proportionate” and said it had spoken to him after being passed “more than 30 tweets of a transphobic nature, not just a liked or retweeted limerick”. These included tweets saying that trans women were not women.

See that’s the thing. The police are using the Woke-Twitter definition of “transphobia,” which includes Wrong Pronouns and statements of fact such as “men are not women” and “men can’t be lesbians.” That’s…not phobic.

[For US readers – a “fair cop” is a legit collar; often followed by “guvnor.”]

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