So lovely

On and on it goes.

Survivors’ Network Brighton used to be a feminist organization, for women – until they woke. Their what we stand for page hasn’t bothered to acknowledge the contradiction:


We live in a patriarchal society and believe that sexual violence should be challenged from a feminist perspective. Because sexual violence is a gendered crime, we are a women-led organisation committed to offering women-only spaces and services. However, we recognise that sexual violence impacts on people of all genders in unique ways and work to build our services accordingly. We consider a trans inclusive feminism to be key to our values and central to our service. We consider the lack of services and funding for people of all genders to also be a feminist issue and look to build partnerships to address this.

So, women-only, but not women-only. Clear?

I for one would like to know how a feminism that “includes everyone” can be feminism.

I Googled for the phrase “my BLM includes everyone” but Google doesn’t recognize it.

Of course not; it’s only women who are expected to include everyone even in their own movements to challenge patriarchy, and only women who are forced to do so whether they agree or not.

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