Still gobsmacked

Yet again, Meghan Murphy tries to explain.

In Canada, famous for niceness, feminist Meghan Murphy is a woman whose words are weapons — or such is the cry from activists for trans­gender rights who see nothing odd about using threats of violence to try to silence her.

Murphy has no quarrel with trans people having rights or freedoms. “Really, it’s about public policy and legislation,” she says.

“It’s one thing to live your life the way you want, it’s another thing if you’re going to start forcing people to say you’re literally ­female when you’re male and that means you should be allowed to enter women’s and girls’ spaces (such as toilets, change rooms, shelters, refuges or prisons).”

And that means you have just as much to say about women’s experiences, women’s rights, policy regarding women, women’s sport, and so on as women do, and that you should and must be “included” in all women’s projects and events and gatherings and politics, whether women want you there or not. It means your presence on a panel or in government or on an all-women’s shortlist equals the presence of a woman, thus displacing actual women from efforts to make the world less male-dominated.

Like other “gender-critical” feminists wearily familiar with harassment, death threats and being miscast as merchants of hate speech, she is still gobsmacked by how upside down the world of trans identity politics has become.

“Hate speech is a specific thing; it’s inciting violence or genocide against a group of people — I’ve never done that. It seems a lot of people just don’t value free speech. In progressive circles they seem to think they can determine which speech is acceptable,’’ Murphy says.

She’s no rightwinger, and as a graduate and journalist, she’s dismayed to witness mainstream media outlets and universities not challenging evidence-free campaigns to shut down debate.

And she’s not the only one.

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