The obsessive return to biological sex

From the other direction…

It is though. Being female, aka having a female body, is what makes her a woman. It’s what follows from that that is a choice, and that should be a free choice.

But that’s there anyway. We deal with it via rights, justice, arguments, regulations, organization. We don’t deal with it by saying “Look, some women have male bodies, therefore you can’t say women aren’t as strong as men!”

No. It’s not “policing women’s bodies” to say that men are not women, because the bodies in question are not women’s bodies. It’s not “policing women’s bodies” to say that people with penises don’t get to take over feminism by announcing that they are women.

And it’s tortured reasoning to say that you can’t struggle for equality and liberation if you “allow women to be solely defined by biology” when the whole point of feminism is that having female biology doesn’t make people inferior or subordinate.

It’s fair to say that biology doesn’t exhaust the meaning of “woman” but it’s absurd to say that biology is not relevant to the meaning of “woman.” Biology may not be sufficient but it damn well is necessary.

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