Trump’s Twitter habit is most intense in the morning

The Times has a huge multi-author piece on Trump N Twitter. It’s nothing we don’t already know, I think, but it does provide some details that are interesting.

Mr. Trump’s Twitter habit is most intense in the morning, when he is in the White House residence, watching Fox News, scrolling through his Twitter mentions and turning the social media platform into what one aide called the “ultimate weapon of mass dissemination.”

Of the attack tweets identified in the Times analysis, nearly half were sent between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., hours that Mr. Trump spends mostly without advisers present.

After waking early, Mr. Trump typically watches news shows recorded the previous night on his “Super TiVo,” several DVRs connected to a single remote. (The devices are set to record “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Fox Business Network; “Hannity,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “The Story With Martha MacCallum” on Fox News; and “Anderson Cooper 360” on CNN.)

He takes in those shows, and the “Fox & Friends” morning program, then flings out comments on his iPhone. Then he watches as his tweets reverberate on cable channels and news sites.

We mostly knew that, but it’s still astounding – that he can find four hours to watch tv and gossip about it on Twitter. In practical terms, the less work he does the better, but it’s still insulting and infuriating that he’s mostly just hanging out and watching teeeeeeveeeeeee.

The symbiotic relationship between Mr. Trump and Fox News is apparent through the president’s tweets. In fact, he praised the network in his first tweet on the first morning he woke up in the White House.

He has since praised and promoted the network, individual shows and conservative news media personalities more than 750 times.

Over all, at least 15 percent of the content in Mr. Trump’s tweets seemed to come directly from Fox News and other conservative media outlets.

I’m surprised it’s not more.

Once Mr. Trump arrives in the West Wing — usually after 10 a.m. — Dan Scavino, the White House social media director, takes control of the Twitter account, tweeting as @realDonaldTrump from his own phone or computer. Mr. Trump rarely tweets in front of others, those close to him say, because he does not like to wear the reading glasses he needs to see the screen.

Oh brilliant – a president who won’t read in front of other people because he’s too vain to wear glasses. (They would actually improve his looks. They would make him look less stupid.)

Instead, the president dictates tweets to Mr. Scavino, who sits in a closet-size room just off the Oval Office until Mr. Trump calls out “Scavino!” Often, he prints out suggested tweets in extra-large fonts for the president to sign off on. (A single-page article that Mr. Scavino recently printed out for him ran to six pages after the fonts were enlarged, according to one person who saw it.)

That’s some large font.

Along with Michael Dubke, who served as White House communications director for several months in 2017 and is from Buffalo, home of the famous chicken wings, Mr. Scavino presented some tweets to Mr. Trump in degrees of outrageousness: “hot,” “medium” or “mild.” Mr. Trump, said one former official who saw the proposed messages, always picked the most incendiary ones and often wanted to make them even more provocative.

Yes but they’re not just “outrageous” or “incendiary” or “provocative.” A president talking in public this way isn’t a game, isn’t cute, isn’t a personal quirk, isn’t funny, isn’t a good story. A president talking in public this way is a road to horrors. Work people up enough and they will get violent.

He plotted for days to tweet about Mika Brzezinski, the liberal co-host of the popular MSNBC morning program, according to former White House officials, before finally posting one morning in June 2017. He called her “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” and wrote that she had been “bleeding badly from a face-lift” during a New Year’s Eve party.

And that day maybe more men punched the nearest woman than would have otherwise, because Trump’s tweet made them feel contempt and disgust for women.

In October of last year, the president started telling his aides that he planned to denounce Stormy Daniels, a pornographic-film actress who claimed to have had an affair with him more than a decade earlier. He said he wanted to call her a “horse face.”

Several current and former aides recalled telling Mr. Trump that it was a terrible idea and would renew accusations of misogyny against him.

But more to the point, it would also inflame misogyny in others, and we already have more than enough misogyny to deal with.

Of course he went ahead and did it.

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