Active in anti-feminist and misogynist groups on Facebook

Action misogyny:

The man authorities have said attacked the family of a federal judge, leaving her husband wounded and her son dead, had previously called her “a lazy and incompetent Latina judge appointed by Obama,” and had fantasized about raping a different female judge who presided over his divorce case, NBC News reported.

A review of thousands of pages of self-published writing by Roy Den Hollander, an anti-feminist lawyer, found threats of retribution against the “feminazi infestation of government institutions” and the “feminist infested American judicial system,” NBC reported. The lawyer “was active in anti-feminist and misogynist groups on Facebook, including groups titled Humanity Vs. Feminism and Men Going Their Own Way, according to an analysis of accounts linked to him,” NBC News reported. It characterized his writing as “littered with language common among the most extreme anti-feminist communities on the web.”

Oh that’s exciting. I’ve been a target of some of those “communities on the web.” I think they’ve forgotten about me now, but it was creepy at the time. They were so obsessive about it.

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