Flop sweat

I did wonder why they did the interview outside, in DC in July. I grew up in New Jersey, and summers there are steamy; DC is worse. It turns out it was Trump’s idea.

“Hot enough for you here, Mr President?” asked Chris Wallace.

“It’s hot,” said Trump. “It’s about, well, sort of almost record-breaking stuff.”

“You know, we wanted to do it inside,” replied Wallace. “This is your choice.”

Maybe he thinks outside looks good on him. It doesn’t. (Also, those chairs – he looked ridiculous on his chair, all bunched up.)

He claimed that people flying the confederate flag were “not talking about racism”. But when asked about removing the names of confederate generals from US military bases, Trump could only think about race. And some weird stuff about a couple of world wars.

“We’re going to name it after the Rev Al Sharpton? What are you going to name it, Chris? Tell me what you’re going to name it,” Trump sputtered.

No, they’re going to name it after Amos and Andy. Jesus christ.

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