All shall have prizes

A distraction while we wait. Yaniv sues again!

A Canadian transgender woman is suing a beauty pageant company for refusing to allow her to compete in its contest, according to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom, which represents the business.

But it’s a beauty pageant. It’s selective by its nature. Personally I don’t think the damn things should exist at all, but they do exist, and nobody expects them to include Joe of the beer belly and jowls to be able to participate.

Jessica Yaniv, a transgender LQBTQ rights activist, filed a human rights complaint against Toronto’s Canada Galaxy Pageants alleging it is in violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code, the conservative legal policy organization announced Monday.

In May 2019, Yaniv, whose biological sex is male, applied to be a contestant in the pageant’s “28 Years and Older Division” but did not disclose she was transgender and had yet to complete gender reassignment surgery, the Justice Centre alleged.

Or that he’s a litigious asshole, I bet.

Yaniv was tentatively accepted but also reminded of the pageant’s policy allowing only women or men who have “fully transitioned.”

When Yaniv was “reminded” of the policy, she filed a complaint alleging the pageant company engaged in discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression and sex.

But it’s a beauty pageant. It engages in discrimination in all kinds of ways. That’s the point of it – choosing The Most Prettiest. Discrimination is the core value.

The Justice Centre accused the activist of being a serial filer of human rights complaints. In 2019, Yaniv filed a series of complaints against five Vancouver estheticians for their refusal to perform bikini waxes on her because of her genitals. The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal later dismissed the charges and ruled Yaniv’s motive was to “target small businesses for personal financial gain,” not “prevent or remedy discrimination,” according to the Telegraph.

Now it’s time to target beauty contests for personal financial gain. Dude has a weird hobby.

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