Another one bullied out of a job

This is ridiculous.


After facing backlash on social media, actress Halle Berry announced on Twitter Monday she is no longer considering portraying a transgender man in an upcoming film role.

Berry apologized after discussing the role over the weekend in an Instagram Live video.

She groveled, is what she did.

Great, let’s insist that only admirals can play admirals, only 200-year-old people can play Victorians, only psychopaths can play psychopaths, only murderers can play murderers, only murder victims can play murder victims…I can’t see any potential difficulties, can you?

LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD said they were pleased Berry listened to the concerns voiced after her discussion of the role and “learned from them.”

“Other powerful people should do the same,” the group said on Twitter. “A good place to start is by watching @Disclosure_Doc to learn about trans representation in media.”

Ok but what about nonbinary representation in media? What about queer representation? What about asexual representation in media?

The Twitter account of the documentary asked Berry to watch the film “first to understand how cis actors like yourself acting in trans roles has major cultural consequences offscreen.”

For real. Also what about all those actors who play nuns and priests and other clerics? What about Jenny Agutter and Judy Parfitt? What right do they have to play nuns when there are real nuns who could do the job? Think about the major cultural consequences that has. And what’s all this about Maggie Smith playing a countess? Who does Helen Mirren think she is playing a cop? Is Joseph Fiennes actually Shakespeare? I don’t think so. What even is acting?

No, absolutely, only people who think they are the sex they are not are qualified to play people who think they are the sex they are not. Fantasy and pretending have to stop somewhere.

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