Dumb as a stick

Aaron Rupar watched the Fox News segment where they talked to Trump on the phone so that we won’t have to.

Americans on Friday awoke to the worst jobs report in recorded history, one that showed the unemployment rate surging up to 14.7 percent. The main driver of that, of course, is the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in more than 2,500 Americans dying in a 24-hour period ending late Thursday, pushing the death toll above 76,000, with no end in sight.

2500. Normal is 8000 so yes, that’s massive for a single new disease.

Those are huge, interrelated problems that are causing people a lot of pain and anxiety. But President Donald Trump’s nearly hour-long call into Fox & Friends Friday morning was a window into an alternate world where the biggest story going is the Obama-era FBI’s purported bias against Trump, and the interrelated public health and economic crises are minor inconveniences.

“Comey, who is a sick man,” Trump said, referring to former FBI Director James Comey. “He’s just a stupid guy. He’s dumb as a stick. And he’s a sick guy — there’s something wrong with him.”

No you’re the one who’s stupid and fucked up, you are, I’m not, you are.

Trump had been talking for more than 20 minutes before the word “coronavirus” was even mentioned. And while the pandemic is at the forefront of consciousness for most Americans, it was a topic the president and Fox & Friends hosts discussed in passing. Trump used it as an opportunity to attack blue state governors for not moving quicker to reopen their economies, and described the Americans he wants to get back to work in the teeth of a pandemic as “warriors.”

About halfway through the interview, the US Department of Labor released a jobs report that showed the country shedding 20.5 million jobs in April. The optics of Trump’s real-time response weren’t great.

Alongside a graphic of the 14.7 unemployment rate, Trump boasted about how strong the economy was as recently as three months ago, and proclaimed, “those jobs will all be back, and they’ll be back very soon” — contradicting forecasts from his own government that foresee double-digit unemployment lingering into next year.


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