Man who calls himself a woman explains how wrong it is to think men playing on women’s rugby teams would be a danger to women.

“Well, frankly, I think [the leaders of World Rugby] had their minds made up, before they called the meeting,” Harper said. “It would have been nice to have seen a trans woman rugby player there, but I doubt it would have made any difference.”

Would it though? Would it have been nice? Suppose you’re on a committee working out legislation on rape; would it be nice to have a rapist there?

The use of “trans woman” works so well to disguise this absurd “include the aggressors in the conversation” bullshit. It wouldn’t sound so persuasive to say “It would have been nice to have seen a man who wants to play rugby on the women’s team there” – but that of course is in fact what he is saying. If we’re going to talk about rules to keep men from playing on women’s teams, we have to include men who want to play on women’s teams in the discussion – that’s the claim. Stupid, isn’t it.

Harper is very comfortable dismissing the possibility of harm to women.

“This idea of a 20 to 30% risk that they floated out, in increased risk, for trans women tackling cisgender women, this was based on cisgender men tackling cis women, and so, it doesn’t apply to trans women,” said Harper. “I would admit that there is probably some theoretical risk of, as a group, of transwoman tackling cis women. However, just talking about that misses a very important point, and that’s that very few tackles in a match in a tournament in the world are made by transwomen. And if you talk about a percentage increase in risk, you shouldn’t be talking about it in terms of tackles, but rather in terms of of matches or tournaments or leagues. And if we look at it in terms of a match, it’s very seldom the case that there’s even one transwoman on the field.”

So it’s okay because it won’t happen all that often. Cool. So then adults should be allowed to play on children’s teams as long as injuries are rare? An occasional broken neck is fine?

“One of the things that we note in that paper is that if you look cross-sectionally at the data, you can see that the trans women in these groups, prior to starting hormone therapy, have substantially reduced strength and muscularity when compared to cisgender males,” she said. “To understand that, you need to go beyond this idea of hormones and to look at the population of trans women. If you look at trans women as a population group, trans women are far more likely to starve themselves so they can look like models than to build muscle. That’s the population they’re studying as opposed to athletic trans women.”

So…these men who say they are women want to look like models? And play rugby? But on the women’s team? And because they starve themselves to look like models they won’t be a risk to women if they force their way onto the women’s teams?

Weird argument.

Also fatuous, because even a very thin man still has the many male physical advantages that make it unfair for him to play on the women’s team.

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