Guest post: A truly unique police procedural

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Living azza.

I don’t know, maybe guys like Skye Morden are constantly saying to themselves (sotto voce) “I am a woman I am a woman I am a woman” ad infinitum. It sounds horribly distracting, but maybe it does the trick.

I believe the formula is most effective when repeated in ALL CAPS, like the preferred repetition of TWAW. I also am of the understanding that the minimum number of reps is five for best results.

Distraction is of no consequence, so long as one achieves confirmation and validation (or at least compliance/acquiescence), which is a much higher priority than actual policing. Perhaps PC Morden will be put onto limerick duty on twitter, to ensure Purity ond Orthodoxy in all publicly expressed thought.

Why do I fail to see it as healthy or normal for a police force to humour and encourage somebody’s delusion or paraphilia in this way? Would a police force recruit and accept an officer who’d come out as Otherkin, or Furry, and allow them to patrol the streets in fluffy tail and ears? What if they were to shoot Jolyon Maugham in self defence? Assignment to the K-9 unit might result in unintended struggles for dominance and territory. Mind you, it might also give new subject material for the BBC natural history unit, or be the basis for a truly unique police procedural programme.

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