More bullying of women who refuse to endorse the gender mythology:

(A side point, before we go on – I just want to make a note of the self-admiration in the first tweet of saying “feel free to wander off, I shan’t mind a bit” – as if Twitter were a living room and people were gathered around her listening to a speech. There’s no such thing as “wandering off” on Twitter because no one knows you’re there to begin with. She can’t see people “wandering off” so why assure them that it’s ok to do so? Much less say that she “won’t mind” when she won’t even know? It’s a tangent, sorry, but I really hate that kind of fake self-effacement that’s really self-aggrandizement. It gets on my NERVES.)

Of course, Transgender Trend isn’t “transphobic.” Telling children they can’t be “born in the wrong body” is not any kind of phobic. It’s not true that any normal person would challenge such useful advice.

Not sure I believe any of that.

Imagine what it’s like being a woman facing shouts of “TERF” every day.

Ahhh sneaky, pretending gender ideology is in any way related to BLM or any other form of resistance to racism. If you can sneak in under the raincoat of anti-racism you’re golden.

Bam, there it is, at the very end, the admission that it’s an attack on Rachel Rooney.

Unfortunately, Philip Pullman saw fit to back it up.

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