Living azza


West Midlands PC Skye Morden is determined to blaze a trail for other transgender police officers. Skye knew that though she was assigned male at birth and had lived as a man for many years, she was, in fact, female.

What I’m wondering is, if you “live as a man” for many years (along with having a male body), how is it possible to “be, in fact, female”? Even if you believed in the whole magic internal gender-soul thing, once you’ve put in many years of “living as a man” while also having a male body…how would that work? Wouldn’t the two things working in combination end up over time making the magic internal gender-soul so attenuated as to be undetectable?

I don’t know, maybe guys like Skye Morden are constantly saying to themselves (sotto voce) “I am a woman I am a woman I am a woman” ad infinitum. It sounds horribly distracting, but maybe it does the trick.

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