Guest post: Kind of basic

Originally a comment by Screechy Monkey on Barr seems eager.

Old conventional wisdom: Biden needs to win the popular vote by ~ 3 points to avoid an Electoral College loss

New conventional wisdom: Biden needs to win the popular vote by ~ 5-6 points to avoid it being close enough for Trump to steal.

Welcome to America, everyone. The shining city on a hill. (gag) A beacon of democracy. (eye roll)

On a related note, David Frum had a good Twitter thread recently where he called out the utter nonsense that gets babbled every Inauguration Day, when television talking heads marvel at the “peaceful transfer of power” that occurs, even between rival political factions. Such a uniquely American tradition! Except.. it’s not. Pretty much every other democracy has mastered that whole peaceful transfer of power thing… it’s kind of a basic requirement of being a functional democracy. Those other countries just don’t hold a big spectacle and pat themselves on the back for it. (“Yes, the streets of Ottawa are full today to witness Stephen Harper peacefully hand over the reins of power to Justin Trudeau. What a triumph of democracy! Canadians should be so proud for not shooting each other instead!”)

It WAS genuinely impressive when George Washington opted not to seek a third term, defying the speculation that he would be a monarch in all but name, and at least as impressive when John Adams, defeated after a single term, handed over power to his (then-) bitter rival Jefferson. But that was when America was a mere toddler. It’s not supposed to be an accomplishment any more. The inevitable cooing we’ll hear if (hopefully) Biden peacefully takes over from Trump will be the equivalent of applauding an adult for being potty-trained.

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