Guest post: The things that struck a chord

Originally a comment by iknklast on Zero more years.

In 2016, his bitter account of the nation’s ailments struck a chord with many voters

This is one of the things that annoys me. Always saying this, without noting that the ailments he described were not in many cases ailments, but signs of a country that has people that are diverse and many of them have sentiments more in line with the modern world than with the one Trump voters long for. It’s time to quit playing this game of saying things in a way that sounds like he was describing legitimate bad things, things most of us could agree are bad, but which Trump didn’t solve.

The things that “struck a chord with many voters” include racism, misogyny, homophobia, nastiness, name calling, contempt for the disabled, contempt for everyone who is not them. As long as we keep pussyfooting around these realities, we legitimize them. Trump is not the cause of these things, he is the result of these things. His voters got what they wanted…a mindless buffoon who breaks things. A racist who works to dismantle protections for minorities. A misogynist who thinks grabbing unwilling women is just fine, and something to brag about.

I imagine the NY Times doesn’t like to think about the implications. If this is what 40% of the voters want, what does that say about this country? About our neighbors? Our families? So they act like it is all because Trump didn’t live up to what the voters wanted, rather than admitting that the voters elected the Trump they got.

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