He says he didn’t

Trump denies it!!

Well of course he does. He denies everything. He also lies constantly. Who cares that he denies it?

According to The Atlantic magazine, Mr Trump cancelled a visit to a US cemetery outside Paris in 2018 because he said it was “filled with losers”.

The allegations have since been corroborated by two senior military officials in a story by AP news agency.

But in a tweet, the president denounced the claims as “made up fake news”.

Oh, well, if it’s in a tweet, that changes everything.

People in the military world are stunned by the remarks that Mr Trump reportedly made about US soldiers killed in combat, the latest in a series of surprising comments from a commander-in-chief.

“What an ignorant, ignorant fool,” says Gary Solis, a former US Marines judge, adding: “I pity anyone who is so lacking in common understanding and appreciation for military service.”

The reaction of Mr Solis is shared by many of those who have served in the military and also by those who are currently in the US armed forces.

The question is why anyone in the military ever admired him. He’s a mouthy bloviating marshmallow, he’s all hat and no cattle, all talk and no guts or discipline or work or conscience. What’s to like?

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