How best to proceed

It never stops.

You couldn’t make it up. A woman is invited to give a lecture, and a man takes to Twitter to wonder how he can “proceed” in this tragic emergency.

Yes, bub, it is indeed a matter of freedom of speech and no-platforming, as well as a matter of sexism and misogyny, a matter of bullying and silencing, a matter of meddling and shutting down.

I wonder how much Christopher Lloyd would like it if he were invited to give a lecture at a university and another academic denounced him on Twitter and mused aloud about how to prevent him from giving that lecture. Would he think that was perfectly all right because he still has “numerous platforms” which he “uses daily”?

Note the unconscious sexism of that bit. He’s repulsed that Kathleen Stock has ways to say things in public and that she uses them, daily. The hussy! How dare she! Why doesn’t she know her place?!

It just never stops.

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