How the girl in the clip was treated

Maya Forstater tells us:

The Crown Prosecution Service has withdrawn an anti-bullying guidance pack for schools developed with Stonewall and Gendered Intelligence, after a 14-year-old girl brought a legal action. The pack, which has been withdrawn for review, encouraged schools to tell girls to ignore their discomfort and not object to males entering single sex spaces such as toilets and changing rooms.

I can’t think of a single thing that could possibly go wrong, can you? Similarly with bears. If you’re out hiking in the woods and you see a bear, you should approach it to make friends. Similarly with fires. If you see a house on fire you should hasten to go inside the house to enjoy the spectacle.

One of its teaching exercises features a video scenario where an adult male presenting in a feminine style enters the women’s toilets. Two young women at the sinks whisper their discomfort: “What’s he doing in here? This is the Ladies”. The next time the person uses the Gents’ where two middle-aged men shout abuse and bang on the door.

Ah yes – so, because men are abusive to the man in a skirt, girls should shut up when he decides to use their toilets instead of the men’s. That’s totally fair. The fact that he could be abusive to them is of no importance whatever.

The guidance says:

“Ask the students what happened in the clip. Thinking about how the girl in the clip was treated, can the class understand why she might have felt hesitant about going into the toilets?”

But there was no “girl,” there was an adult man. However he dresses, he doesn’t get to use the girls’ toilets. (Why is an adult using students’ toilets in the first place? That itself is not the usual arrangement.)

As the legal letter to the CPS points out it is not safe for girls to learn that they should consider an adult male using a facility intended for their bodily privacy as a ‘girl’.

Nor is it safe for them to learn that they have some kind of obligation to put themselves in danger to protect a man in a dress. I’m not saying men in dresses should be put in danger, but I damn well am saying they shouldn’t use girls as shields.

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