How to look weaker

The NHS instructs trans women on how to do a “bum swish”:

In case the image isn’t legible – the underlined bit says: “As a trans woman with a more masculine appearance, you may need to compensate with other “elements” that convey that you are female.”

Trans women are women, but they have to jink around with their appearance so as to “compensate.” Compensate for what? They just are women, so why is there any need to compensate?

Sorry to interrupt; the rest of it is: “The “feminine walk” may help. If you place each foot across yourself each time you take a step this creates the “bum swish.””

And what else does it do? It slows down your walk, it throws you off balance, it makes you look affected and self-conscious and idiotic…all of which I guess is “feminine” and expected of women. Thanks, NHS. Much medical, very science.

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