Masks are girly

Why do guys like Trump and Pence refuse to wear masks?

Perhaps because they see them as emasculating:

Why the reluctance to model safe behavior? My research with Jennifer Berdahl and others suggest one critical reason, which is that appearing to play it safe contradicts a core principle of masculinity: show no weakness. In short, wearing a mask emasculates.

There’s an irony here, which is that Trump shows his weakness whenever he talks, and he talks constantly and endlessly. He clearly thinks he comes across as a macho guy, but…no.

Leaders who are more concerned with preserving a macho public image put our lives at risk as they prove their manhood by showing resistance to experts’ opinions, hypersensitivity to criticism, and constant feuding with anyone who seems to disagree with them.

Or, rather, as they try to prove their manhood by doing those things. In reality they prove other things.

In our research, the show-no-weakness principle manifests by acting like you always know the answer. Admitting uncertainty or that you rely on anyone else’s opinion seems “weak.” Trump’s resistance to experts’ advice stems from a constant need to demonstrate that “I alone can fix it.”

Again – it’s the other way around. Consulting others and not professing dogmatic certainty where it isn’t possible doesn’t seem weak, it’s the conceited blustering and heedless Me First that seems and is weak. Trump didn’t look “strong” when he stood up there explaining to Doctor Birx that it would be a clever idea to use disinfectant to clean up inside the body, he looked weak and absurd and bratty.

It’s only other macho fools who think this way.

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