I was alerted by this.

So, bristling, I read. They really do say that.

Today, J.K.Rowling re-stated her position on transgender lives. We have previously reached out to her both publicly and privately, offering a calm conversation around the issues she has raised and today, we sent a further email to her team, renewing that offer. We are yet to receive a response.

How sanctimonious that is, how passive-aggressive, how entitled, how intrusive. Yes, Rowling has nothing better to do than “have a conversation” with the damn fools (or fool) of Mermaids. If they offer she has to respond.

As part of that email, we have disclosed something we hoped never to say. We say it now with permission from those involved. Without giving personal detail, without betraying confidences, we must represent the seriousness of the situation. We are aware through our work with families that there have been cases of self-harm and even attempted suicide following J.K.Rowling’s statements and the public response on social media and in the press. Surely this must cause us all to pause and question the way young trans lives are being debated in public. 

Note, first of all, that “following” is not the same as “because of.” I wonder if a lawyer told them to phrase it that way, or if they’re just naturally sneaky.

Note also this oily insinuating crap about “lives” – transgender lives, young trans lives. It’s another branch of the bullying. Lives shmives, the point is the ideology, the truth claims, the doctrine, the bullshit we are told to believe and repeat and endorse and force on everyone else.

No movement is perfect, no movement can succeed without evolution, but history is kind to those who stand up for their rights.

What? What does that mean? The Proud Boys see themselves as standing up for their rights. Nazis saw themselves that way. Men’s rights activists see themselves that way. If “history” is “kind” to them it will probably be in a world where Donald Trump is a saint and Ivanka Trump is in her seventh term as president.

We can all look back in admiration at those brave, radical people deserving of statues, who stood against racism, homophobia, misogyny and all forms of prejudice, all the while threatened by the famous, rich and powerful of their day. 

Who’s we? Who’s all? Lots of people don’t look back in admiration at feminists and anti-racists and LGB rights activists. This is Whig history on steroids.

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