Nutty and Loopy and Dippy

Gosh what has happened to Trump, Mitt Romney wonders.

Trump’s flirtation with declaring martial law in battleground states and appointing a conspiracy theorist as special counsel to help his attempt to overturn defeat by Joe Biden are “really sad” and “nutty and loopy”, Mitt Romney said on Sunday.

Or, more precisely, criminal and traitorous.

“He’s leaving Washington with a whole series of conspiracy theories and things that are so nutty and loopy that people are shaking their head wondering what in the world has gotten into this man,” the Utah Republican senator said.

No we’re not. Nothing has gotten into him: this is what he is. He’s psychopathic in his indifference to everyone but himself, and he’s a hardened criminal in pretty much everything. This is what he’s been all along.

During the Friday meeting, Giuliani pushed Trump to seize voting machines. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) made clear that it had no authority to do so. It is unclear what such a move could accomplish.

Shock and awe? Souvenirs? Paperweights?

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