The remaining archives will be sealed for 30 years

Remember those skeletons in the septic tank at the Catholic-run mother and baby prison [formally “home”] in Tuam? Let’s hush all that kind of thing up until everyone’s dead, ok?

In September, the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes said bespoke legislation would be required to safeguard and transfer a database of the mothers and children who were resident in the main mother-and-baby homes.

The bill provided for the database to be sent to Tusla, which raised concerns among former residents of the homes and their families over their ability to access the information held by the Child and Family Agency.

Under a 2004 act, the remaining archives will be sealed for 30 years. Last Friday, the bill passed all stages in the Seanad.

Sorry, archives are sealed! Can’t help you I’m afraid! Next!

The Catholic church is good at this business of sealing its own records so that the victims can’t find the evidence, along with the business of sending rapey priests to a different parish instead of stopping them or doing anything to help their victims.

The Catholic church is an evil institution. Most of the US Supreme Court is Catholic. That’s no accident.

In a statement to RTÉ News after the Dáil vote, Social Democrats TD Holly Cairns said: “I asked the minister on the outset, if he will be considering any of the amendments put forward by TDs that are based on input from survivors and human rights experts? He said no.

“We are talking about the most serious kinds of human rights violations – missing children, forced disappearances, illegal adoption and so much more horrific systematic institutional abuse,” she said. “The mother and baby homes commission was formed in light of the discovery of 800 dead children and babies in a misused septic tank,” Ms Cairns added.

“It is sickening that the Minister didn’t consider those affected and then wouldn’t even consider amendments myself and other TDs submitted – amendments based on inputs from survivors and human rights experts,”she said.

Demon God wins another round.

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