Trump opposes demonization?

They are unabashedly telling us lie after lie after lie.

White House reporters continue to press Kayleigh McEnany on the meaning of Trump’s tweet this morning about Nascar driver Bubba Wallace and the decision to ban Confederate flags at races.

One reporter asked the press secretary why the president would not praise Nascar’s decision to ban Confederate flags.

McEnany replied that Trump was against demonizing American citizens. “He stands against the demonization of Americans, and he stands firmly on the side of preserving our history,” McEnany said.

What does the Confederate flag have to do with demonizing American citizens? I guess the idea is that removing it would imply criticism (or “demonization”) of the people who like it? But that’s not a good reason to keep it. Some people like swastikas; that doesn’t mean we have to put swastikas on everything. Some people like the Confederate flag; more people dislike it, as a symbol of slavery and of the determination to hang on to slavery at the cost of 620,000 lives. I think the anti-slavery faction gets to win this one. I also think it’s disturbing that Trump thinks the opposite.

McEnany also lied about that whole pandemic thing.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany shockingly claimed that foreign leaders consider America to be a leader in the fight against coronavirus.

Ha. Hahaha. Name one. ONE.

“I think the world is looking at us as a leader in Covid-19,” McEnany said during the White House briefing.

Well, in spreading it, yes.

Then she did a “scripted walk-off.”

The press secretary accused journalists of failing to ask questions about the most important issues of the day, such as New York shootings increasing in recent weeks.

Of course, the reason why journalists asked so many questions about Nascar and the Confederate flag is because that’s what the president was tweeting about this morning, as dozens of states grapple with a surge in new cases of coronavirus.

May her shoes be full of pebbles.

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