You’re going to have to

Ohhhhhhhh no I’m not, sunshine. I’m not “going to have” to do anything to or about or with regard to you. I don’t know you, and I don’t recognize any obligation I have toward you just because you say so on Twitter.


He gets that because he’s non-binary he’s confusing to people, he says, but we are going to have to respect him. No we’re not. We’re free to ignore him.

You need to see my humanity, he says, you need to respect me and talk to me like a human being.

But I don’t. We don’t. Don’t nobody have to.

He could have argued that people should respect other people by default, in the minimal sense of not being rude or contemptuous for no reason. That would be banal but I wouldn’t dispute it. But instead of doing that he makes it all about him, with dramatic emphasis on the word “me.”

Gender politics is the politics of narcissism.

That’s not ever going to work out.

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