A certain prominent Skeptic

The feud widens.

The certain prominent skeptic is Michael Shermer.


Harriet Hall’s review is in the Skeptic reading room.

To be honest I can kind of see why they might have wanted some tweaking even if they agreed with the content. Hall doesn’t always make it clear whether she’s summarizing the book or offering her own generalizations. I don’t usually read SBM (not for any particular reason, I just don’t) so I don’t know if they have a house style, but it they do and it’s somewhat formal, I could understand their wanting a more Officially Sciencey note. I like the review myself, but I can see some non-invidious non-stupid non-orthodoxy-enforcing reasons why they might want changes.

But, the reality is, we know Gorski doesn’t like the content (I don’t know about others at SBM), so it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt on the whole “Well I gave it my best shot but I’m just going to go ahead and retract it now soz” thing.

Meanwhile, Shermer is wrong if he thinks the trans dogma is any kind of far-left progressive ideology. It’s extremely conservative and regressive, unfortunately.

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