All about the x

Gender-neutral language outrage ensued.

Streaming platform Twitch has backtracked on a new policy to change its spelling of “women” after criticism from transgender communities.

Oh good, it’s extremely urgent to have “transgender communities” in charge of what language we can use. Women, on the other hand, can be ignored. [whispers: they’re just Karens.]

The company had said it would use the term “womxn” in order to be more gender neutral in its language.

How can you be “gender neutral” about women? That makes no sense of any kind. “We will use the term ‘mushrooms’ in place of ‘women’ in order to be more gender neutral.”

Ben Hunte has “analysis” for us.

Many social media users are still confused about who exactly Twitch’s “all the womxn” approach was actually aimed at. Trans women call themselves women, and many have fought to do so. Non-binary individuals do not refer to themselves as women at all.

And women? What do they think? Oh who cares – certainly not Ben Hunte, who doesn’t mention the stupid little pests.

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