All but banished

Won’t someone spare a thought for the exiled and silenced Josh Hawley?

Since Jan. 6, when the Missouri Republican was photographed fist-pumping his support for some of the very fine people who would later storm the United States Capitol, Hawley has been all but banished from the media. Other than his frequent appearances on some of the most popular cable news shows in the country, his biting Twitter account, the Instagram account where he posts family snapshots and clips from cable hits, and his YouTube page collecting his nearly every utterance on the Senate floor, Hawley has suffered the worst fate known to a modern American politician: cancellation.

But as Nelson Mandela wrote while imprisoned on Robben Island, “Difficulties break some men but make others.” Hawley, in that spirit, has only been stiffened by his battle with what he calls “the titans of woke capital.”

Simon & Schuster dropped plans to publish a book of Hawley’s and it took a whole two weeks for Regnery to step into the breach. (Now, granted, Regnery is a great many steps down the respectability ladder from Simon & Schuster, but Hawley isn’t all that into respectability anyway.)

He’s so canceled that he’s reduced to flogging his book on…uh…Twitter.

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