Cyclist and expert

Never mind girls, pay attention to trans girls [who are boys]. Lawyers, Guns & Money:

The right-wing freak out that transgender girls could dominate girls’ sports at the high school level (as if right-wingers care about women’s sports except when it is useful in their culture wars) is so very, very frustrating. Claire Thornton decided to do what few journalists have done–actually talk to transgender girls and their families about it.

Well that’s mind-numbingly obtuse. How about talking to girls about it? Especially girls who have already lost out to boys who call themselves trans and take all their prizes?

Of course there are higher principles [in] play:

Civil rights experts said competitive sports are the latest facet of life targeted by anti-transgender legislation.

“It’s a proxy for them having lost the bathroom war,” said Veronica Ivy, a competitive cyclist and expert on transgender rights whose research on sports demographics has  contributed to International Olympic Committee policy.

Ah yes “Veronica Ivy” aka Rachel McKinnon formerly Rhys McKinnon; such a fine, disinterested, thoughtful civil rights expert – one who heaps verbal abuse on women who don’t agree that he is literally a woman in every sense. Also he’s “a competitive cyclist” who competes against women half his size, and – surprise surprise – defeats them, and then snarls at them on Twitter if they refuse to hug him for the photo ops.

This is also great stuff:

Legislators in more than 20 states have introduced bills this year that would ban transgender girls from competing on girls’ sports teams in public high schools. Yet in almost every case, sponsors cannot cite a single instance in their own state or region where such participation has caused problems.

The Associated Press reached out to two dozen state lawmakers sponsoring such measures around the country as well as the conservative groups supporting them and found only a few times it’s been an issue among the hundreds of thousands of American teenagers who play high school sports.

In South Carolina, for example, Rep. Ashley Trantham said she knew of no transgender athletes competing in the state and was proposing a ban to prevent possible problems in the future. Otherwise, she said during a recent hearing, “the next generation of female athletes in South Carolina may not have a chance to excel.”

That’s great stuff? Really?

Of course there haven’t been many examples yet: it’s a new thing. It’s a new idea and a new practice, so there hasn’t been time for many examples. Also don’t forget the vicious social pressure – as in the LGM post itself – applied to people who don’t agree that boys can be girls. But yes, if it goes ahead and becomes settled custom then girls will lose out. Laws do often aim to prevent future likelihoods. There are laws against murder even in places where murder is very rare.

The whole stupid smug post doesn’t say one word explaining how boys don’t have physical advantages over girls.

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