Do it to HER

This guy…

That is, 60% of men who call themselves trans women are, according to another man who calls himself a trans woman, raped or sexually assaulted by other men in men’s prisons. Men assault other men in prison. Yes that’s a bad thing, and it shouldn’t happen. The solution, however, is not to put the men who call themselves trans women into the women’s prisons, because that just shifts the risk onto women, who are physically far more vulnerable. But Montgomerie thinks that is the solution. (Notice his breezy “most of which are non-violent.”)

I’m not replying with that, I’m replying with “don’t shift the violence onto women.” Montgomerie of course is expressing his indifference to women here.

What about Montgomerie’s indifference to the women being locked in a room with a load of men knowing the chance of sexual assault is sky high? What about them? What about them?

Also, LBC calls women “cis women.” News outlets need to stop doing that.

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