Epistemology of infinity

Another point about that evasive non-response from Essex –


“a person can experience unknown genders”

What can that possibly mean? The whole point about these oh so important “genders” is that the people who claim to have them and experience them say they know they have them, and what they are, and what we have to do in relation to the fact – the cold hard fact – that they have and experience and know them. They don’t say it’s just some vague state of mind or mood, much less that they don’t know they have it, they insist, with menaces, that it’s real and they experience it and that experience is knowledge that it’s real. The reality is what they beat us over the head with. We are not to say it’s just something they think, we are to say it’s really real, just as real as sex or even realer, and it’s the sure and certain knowledge of eternal GenderSoul.

And in any case I don’t see how anyone can experience something while not knowing it. Experiencing it entails being aware of it. You can’t describe your experience of being under anesthesia because your brain was rendered incapable of experiencing it. If you don’t know about it, it ain’t your experience.

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