Every body, geddit?

On NARAL’s front page:

“Reproductive rights are essential for achieving gender equality.” What do they mean by that? What does that sentence mean? What is gender equality?

Gender equality means an end to the social and cultural and mental arrangements by which women are seen as inferior to men in every way, and as subordinate to men as a law of nature (and nature’s “God” for the many people who believe in such a thing).

That’s what gender equality means, so that has to be what NARAL meant by it.

So then why are they trying to tell us that abortion rights are for everyone? Why are they talking about people needing abortions instead of women? Why are they Twitter-blocking feminist women who object to this erasure?

Why do they on the one hand cite the need for gender equality and on the other hand try to bully women into agreeing that men too get pregnant and need abortion rights? Why do they go from gender equality at the beginning of the paragraph to people who choose to work while pregnant?

What the hell is wrong with them?

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