That simple

Golly, it was less than a month ago that NARAL was telling us (“reminding” us) that it’s not only women who get abortions. I must have given them some lip, because I now see they’ve blocked me. The big national abortion rights organization is blocking feminists who tell them to stop erasing women – that’s useful.

Anyway, they’re really pushing the “exclude women from abortion rights” line.

No it’s absolutely not that simple. It’s also not true. It’s not “inclusive” to pretend that men need abortion rights. What it is, instead, is a move to erase women, the way various civilizations have done as far back as we can see. Women are the people who get pregnant, women are the people who need to be able to get an abortion if they don’t want to be pregnant, women are the people who are imprisoned and tortured by their own bodies if they can’t get an abortion. Women. Just women. Women only. Not men. Men get to be free of this particular trap.

It’s because women are the people who get pregnant that women are also the people who are treated as suspect, and needing constant supervision and control, and subject to harsh punishment for doing things like going outside or not wearing a tent over their heads. The fact that women are the source of human beings is the reason women are treated as second class, aka inferior.

I’m pretty sure NARAL used to know this, but it seems that now all it knows is that “men can get pregnant too.”

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