Every right to be insulted

Hot damn this is a stupid piece for the Washington Post to bother publishing.

When supporters of former president Donald Trump hear media pundits analyze them with the usual collection of belittling observations, they must be tempted to respond, “Hey, we’re right here! We can hear you!”

So we shouldn’t think it’s stupid or evil or both to vote for Donald Trump for any public office at all, let alone the presidency? Why? Why shouldn’t we? He’s one of the most thoroughly godawful human beings on the planet, and possibly the only one without a single redeeming quality.

Yes, they are indeed here, and living among us. And they have every right to be insulted by being accused of believing a “big lie,” and by the implication that they are violent, or traitors, or mindless sheep — racist sheep, of course.

No they don’t. Trump is a very bad man, and he promoted racism, violence, treason, and mindlessness, and he still does. They have zero right to be insulted by being told that a vote for Trump is a vote for those qualities.

They’re fed up not just with the overt insults, but also with more subtle digs, such as former defense secretary Leon Panetta saying last week that he worries that Trump “will continue to try to somehow sway his followers” to attempt another Jan. 6-style uprising. Followers? No one refers to President Biden’s “followers.” It’s a word generally reserved for adherents of cult figures.

No shit, Sherlock, because that’s what they are, because there is zero rational reason to vote for Trump, let alone to support his attempts to overturn the election. That’s not because he’s a Republican or a conservative, it’s because he’s an evil sack of shit.

I’ll stop now. The Post can surely find better right-wingers than this chump.

H/t Mike Haubrich

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