What’s most glaring

A nitwit writer for Jezebel writes the 40 millionth piece on JK Rowling the transphobe blah blah:

We can certainly quibble over how much Rowling needs to be defended from random Twitter users, especially considering the violence associated with her transphobia and the transphobia of her supporters (who haven’t hesitated to defend Rowling with threats of their own). But here’s what’s most glaring about Rowling’s responses: Her insistence on framing this as gendered violence against women, perpetrated by men. Rowling cannot accept that the transgender women who have clowned her, who have told her to “go die,” who have been the loudest critics of her TERF agenda, are women. It’s easier for her to simply dismiss them as men, and regard their anger as male violence directed at her, a “real” woman. It’s a convenient misreading of feminism that positions Rowling as the vulnerable victim of dangerous men.

Ah yes it’s so very glaring that JKR recognizes male entitlement and male contempt for women and male aggression when she sees it. It’s so glaring that she doesn’t politely nod and agree that these men are women if they say they are. It’s so glaring that she considers herself a real woman and men as not real women. It’s such a misreading of feminism to see dangerous men as dangerous men.

More than that, it’s a sly way of misgendering that acts as a dog whistle for the many people who celebrate Rowling’s “bravery.” But Rowling’s sex and gender essentialism isn’t brave, it’s the status quo.

Well status quo isn’t the opposite of brave, for a start, but more to the point, not everything that’s the status quo is wrong or evil or in need of reversal. Women are women and men are not women, and that’s not like a fashion in hats or a taste in music, it’s just reality, status quo and all.

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