Fascinated to know

What can these crazy evil feminist women possibly mean?

So this is a thing, is it? People feeling that they “don’t fit” within some category or other, and thus needing to move to a different one, and thus having a right to order the rest of the world to “validate” them as being in that category as opposed to the one they were “assigned” to at birth? It works across all categories, does it?

Well, no, it doesn’t. We know that. Some categories can be exchanged for different ones, but others can’t. People can join some categories via choice or work or both, and others they can’t. People can become builders or doctors or poets or engineers; people can’t become rabbits or gods or Shakespeare or motorcycles.

This isn’t some evil conspiracy by feminists. We’re not big meanies who just won’t let men become women. It’s not our doing, it’s not our fault, any more than it’s our doing or fault that we are women.

I think Laurie Penny is the one who needs to explain. I think she needs to explain why she thinks sex can simply be swapped the way one might swap jackets with a friend.

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