Following a complaint from a non-binary passenger

Ah there it is, the whole point – force other people to pay attention to precious One, and force them to do extra things and make extra efforts, all for precious One.

London North Eastern Railway (LNER) has said its conductors will be warned to not use the greeting “ladies and gentlemen” following a complaint from a non-binary passenger.

LNER said train managers should not use the phrase to avoid offending passengers who might identify as neither male nor female.

Passengers might identify as a potato, too, but that doesn’t mean they are one. Nobody is neither male nor female. They can ask their friends to call them non-binary if they like, but the world at large has better things to do.

It comes after a complaint from a passenger on social media, the Telegraph reports.

In a Twitter post directed to LNER, the passenger wrote: “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…” As a non-binary person this announcement doesn’t actually apply to me, so I won’t listen.”

I’ve seen some tweets about this over the past couple of days and in fact the complainer isn’t a passenger but an employee. The complaint wasn’t spontaneous but a plan.

LNER replied to the complainant, agreeing that train managers “should not be using language like this”.

Because they should be keeping the needy narcissists in mind at all times yeah?

LNER is the latest company to ditch the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” in favour of more inclusive language.

More “inclusive” because a phrase that includes all adults isn’t “inclusive” enough. “Ladies, gentlemen, and fantasists”?

The phrase was discarded from announcements on the Tube in 2017, in a bid to make them gender-neutral.

Bosses at Transport for London told staff to use terms such as “good morning everyone” to ensure all passengers feel welcome.

LGBTQ+ campaigners have fought for gender-neutral language, explaining that phrases such as “ladies and gentlemen” exclude people who do not identify as male or female.

But “not identifying as male or female” is meaningless. Humans just are one or the other, including the small minority that’s intersex. People can decide they don’t identify as mammals, too, but that doesn’t make them reptiles. Thoughts in the head are just thoughts in the head, and most of them are of no interest to anyone except the owner of the head.

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