Grown-ass QC says what now?

This is just childish.

No it’s not like that! Of course it’s not!

“This thing that’s not like this other thing is like this other thing.”

Blackface is not comparable to using ordinary pronouns, so debating the two is also not comparable. The two things are just not similar enough to make a useful comparison. “Inclusion” of trans people doesn’t rely on forcing everyone to use mix n match pronouns.

The follow-up is, if possible, even stupider.

That’s not the BBC’s stance. More to the point, what rights? Has Parliament passed a law saying everyone has to use bespoke pronouns on command? Has Parliament passed a law that includes pronouns in a list of must-dos?

I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s any kind of “right” for trans people to be referred to by specialty pronouns. I don’t think any human right has anything to do with pronouns.

Has Parliament passed a law protecting trans people’s “dignities”? I don’t know, but I doubt it, because it doesn’t sound law-ish, it sounds more Twitter activist-ish.

Furthermore – contemporary trans people can’t claim anything resembling the history of systematic exploitation and oppression going back generations that contemporary black people can. It’s belittling and insulting to claim that this new trendy narcissistic form of pseudo-oppression is in any way like the oppression of black and colonized people over the past 5 centuries or so. It’s belittling and insulting to claim that skepticism of the claims of trans dogma are remotely like racism.

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