Guest post: An opposing wing has grown

Originally a comment by KBPlayer on Round and round we go.

Nicola Sturgeon is in a lot of trouble at the moment, because of an inquiry into how the Scottish government handled the sexual assault allegations against the former First Minister, Alex Salmond, who was cleared of the charges in court. It’s a very murky story, and shows bad mismanagement on her part, or downright conspiracy (which I find very hard to believe though plenty do). The Scottish government has been obstructing this inquiry in any way they can.

Sturgeon likes to appear as the progressive wing of the party and so adopted the transgender cause, which had cross-party support. The trans activists got posts on the National Executive Committee of the Scottish National Party. However there has been more and more disquiet about the transgender issue, and how it ties in with a new Hate Crime bill, which the Gender Critical feminists say will make it impossible to discuss women’s issues vis-a-vis transgender “rights”. There’s a clause in the bill about “stirring up hatred” – vague and stupid and could mean any discussion about eg biology could be classed as that.

So an opposing wing has grown, the most prominent voice being Joanna Cherry, who is a lesbian and a feminist and also a strong supporter on the ultra Nationalist wing whereas Sturgeon is more of a gradualist. Cherry is a contender for grabbing the leadership if Sturgeon resigns. The trans activists lost their posts on the National Executive Committee and quite a few have resigned from the party. They are accused of not being interested in Scottish independence, but of being entryists pushing the transgender issue. Those on the Cherry wing say it’s a bit rich of Sturgeon to complain of “transphobia” and not mention the kind of vile abuse chucked at her lesbian, feminist colleague. The two of them hate each other.

It’s all very complicated and murky, not to mention virulent. For an anti-SNPer like me it’s a pleasure to watch them fighting like rats in a sack, though I doubt if it will upset the majority the SNP will gain at the next election to Holyrood.

On other issues Sturgeon is great at making resounding statements which are not followed up by actual policies or budgets.

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