Unconditional surrender

The “Feminist” Library’s statement on “transphobia” and accountability:

… we feel it important to note that we come from different political histories as well as cultural and class backgrounds. However, while the Library has historically sought to encompass a wide variety of different perspectives, priorities, politics and stances, a by-product of this has been that we as a collective have failed to present a united and unequivocal stance on certain issues where it has been most needed. 

Like, for instance, whether feminism should stop being about women and be about men who call themselves women instead. Talk about most needed!

We understand that in an increasingly hostile conversation regarding trans inclusion from in the mainstream press and certain sects of feminism, it is important for us to reiterate that we are a trans-inclusive organisation and that we stand in solidarity with all trans people in the face of mockery, denigration, humiliation and discrimination with regards to accessing healthcare and other legal rights. We wish to reiterate as members of the collective that we believe that feminism is a political project that works in service of all of us.

Emphasis theirs.

It’s a feminist organization but somehow the really urgent issue, the one that requires bold type, is the one about men who claim to be women. That pesky of the earth earthy stuff that concerns women just doesn’t matter all that much. The bolded issue is so important that it requires redefining feminism so that it’s about all of us. Women: the sex that doesn’t get to have anything for itself.

At the Feminist Library, we believe that feminism is a political framework that we can use to end all gendered violence and transform the world for everyone.

Then why call it feminist at all? Why not call it humanist? “Gendered” violence would include male on male violence, so that’s not feminism any more, it’s everyoneism. Opposing all violence is a fine thing, but women still need specifically feminist organizations and analysis, because of that power imbalance between the two sexes.

We wholeheartedly reject any feminist framework that seeks to define womanhood solely using biological essentialism or any feminism that seeks to re-inscribe rigid ideas of sex.

A feminist collective rejects any feminist framework that is for women.

Following a long tradition of writings and activism from black feminism, trans feminists and working-class women – we believe that there is not a singular, universal origin point for all women’s oppression across the globe nor should we attempt to find one. Our time is better spent remaining attentive to the dire social, political and economic conditions we experience as women and using feminism as a tool to end these conditions.

Yes, conditions we experience as women, not as men claiming to be women. It’s just hand-waving to pretend that working class women and men who say they are women are Just Another Subset of Women.

As a collective, we want to make clear our internal commitments to tackling transphobia. They are as follows:

– Not to feature trans-exclusionary groups on our panels or other events at the Library, or allow them to book the Library for their own events. By “trans-exclusionary” we mean groups that promote or implicitly/explicitly support policy changes that directly restrict trans people’s access to resources, groups that do not allow trans people to access their services, groups who use “sex-based rights” as a means of querying and questioning trans people’s right to exist or to access resources.

Emphasis theirs, again. So this feminist library is barring women who want to talk about sex-based rights, while casually pretending that such women “question [anyone’s] right to exist.”

The ideology makes people stupid, but it also makes them shockingly malicious. We don’t question anyone’s right to exist. If you say you’re an emissary from planet Neptune I won’t question your right to exist but I will decline to endorse your account of yourself. The two are not the same thing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we are always open to comments and feedback on our efforts.

Or at least they identify as always open to comments and feedback on their efforts.

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