How do you echo a stance?

That’s a lot of wrong and dishonest in one tweet.

Kathleen Stock’s views are not “trans critical.” They can be called gender critical, though I don’t know if she calls them that or not, but “trans critical” is wrong, and wrong in a harmful and probably malicious way. (I doubt that Tatchell is unaware of the label “gender critical”.) In this context the word “trans” names people, while “gender” names an ideology. Tatchell is manipulating us to think Stock is Mean to a set of people as opposed to having a philosophical view on a new and contested ideology. He’s portraying her as bullying people when what she’s doing is dissenting from some ideas.

But that “SOME on BOTH sides” is even more brazen. Utterly utterly false. We’re not the ones who fantasize aloud on Twitter about doing violence to Them. We don’t rave about stabbing burning choking shooting trans people, but there are way too many “trans activists” who do all that and worse in their campaign to silence the people they call “terfs.”

It’s interesting that he “stands with trans people” AND supports “protection for women.” Notice a difference? On the one hand his friends, his people, the ones he stands with, on the other hand, some weakling weirdos who need “protection” and he’s ok with letting them have it. I for one don’t want Peter Tatchell’s grudging “protection,” I want him to fuck off out of our way and let us defend out rights without any insulting Both Sides patronage from him.

And no, not unity and solidarity with people who are appropriating our rights and freedoms and literal identities. No. We don’t tell Peter Tatchell to have unity and solidarity with theocratic and authoritarian homophobes, and he doesn’t get to tell us to have them with trans bullies. His cutesie photo of “diverse” teenagers isn’t going to change that, either.

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