Internal memo, CC all

Wild Woman Writing Club had a fine old rant and I’m just going to quote it instead of posting all the tweets.

to shoot women’s rights campaigners, and several more organisations have bailed out of the sinking Stonewall ship, and several more countries have rejected self-ID, and a think tank is calling women’s rights campaigners “feminazis,” and TRAs are still calling WRCs antisemites, and a ‘pro bono’ project is attempting to get a lesbian & gay group’s charitable status revoked. So much happening, with such speed. Change is gathering pace. It makes you wonder.

Why are so many people so seemingly desperate to make women shut up about the simple fact of human sexual dimorphism, and the simple fact that #SexMatters?

That the sex denialist AstroTurf project would slam into the buffers like this was on the cards from the beginning. It was never going to work, gaslighting entire populations to forget about the birds & the bees.

Careers are swirling down the pan, placing mortgage payments in jeopardy. The plug is being pulled on hundreds of thousands of immersive fictions, forcing people to confront their pain.

What we are seeing is the reflex to blame the bringers of unwelcome news, the news being that sizeable swathes of the liberal left have been riffing on an enormous lie for reasons historians will have to make sense of.

And now the lie is visible. And those who have defended it to the hilt are going to have to save their names however they can. Because the extent of this…scandal?…grift?… propaganda campaign?…is only beginning to be revealed.

There will be years of this to come. Will disappointed true believers & profiteers feel the need to persecute the messengers for years to come? Can we prevent any more women being scapegoated for a situation which was not of our making, to which we responded in self-defence?

Really, women had no choice but to fight against our erasure in law & in language. Now the most brittle gender identity ideologues are going to be given carte blanche to take scalps? Is that really how this works?

Can’t we instead have some kind of internal memo, CC all, which says ‘an amnesty for the terven, in recognition of the fact that they have been responding to an intense & sustained rights-grab, during which time they fought back with words, stickers & ribbons only.’

Let’s have that.

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