They must remove all gendered language

I’m already climbing the walls with rage over Scotland’s assault on women, and now there’s yet another load of poison from Stonewall.

Stonewall has advised organisations to replace the term mother with “parent who has given birth” to help boost their ranking on an equality leaderboard, The Telegraph can reveal. 

That’s not “equality.” Pretending mothers don’t exist is not equality. Trying to erase women from childbirth is not equality. Trying to disappear women is not equality.

The controversial charity has advised employers wishing to be included on their Workplace Equality Index that they must remove all gendered language, and allow those who self-identify as a woman to use female toilets and changing rooms.

And “self-identify” means just “say.” A man can just say he identifies as a woman and march into the women’s areas at work.

The Ministry of Justice – which comes in fifth in the leadership board – has admitted that its HR policies have in recent years been updated to include non-gendered language and in some internal documents terms mother and father had been removed.

The Home Office, MI6, the British Army, the Department for International Trade, the Government Legal Department and the House of Commons all also appear in the top 100 on Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index.

Stonewall hates women.

Now a series of Freedom of Information requests, seen by The Telegraph, have led to warnings from lawyers that the LGBT+ charity is “misrepresenting” equality laws  in advice to Government departments, councils, police forces, NHS trusts and a raft of private companies.

Oh well, it’s only the government.

Documents released under FOI from several public bodies reveal for the first time the lengths employers must go through to get to the top of the Workplace Equality Index.

Feedback to organisations on how they can improve their application shows that several were advised by Stonewall they should “remove” the term mother and father from all their policies.

Edinburgh University were told that they would “recommend using a gender neutral term, such as ‘parent who has given birth’ whilst Merseyside Police were advised the “pregnant employee” was a “more inclusive term”.

Inclusive of what though? Not women, certainly. Going to absurd, confusing, head-scratching lengths to avoid using the word “woman” is the opposite of “inclusive.” It’s just the same old shit, where the male pronoun was the only pronoun and “man” was used as a synonym for “humanity.” It’s erasing women from public life, and we’ve had that already and campaigned against it and we don’t see why we should have to start all over again now.

The Welsh Government, which appears ninth on the list, deleted the term mother from its Maternity policy in 2019, though the term father appears once.

But it was still their Maternity policy?

The 13-page application form for the next scheme, which has been delayed until 2022 because of the coronavirus pandemic, provides both guidance for employees and examples of best practice.

It advises that the organisations should use “gender neutral language” and pronouns throughout their policies, avoid terms such as husband or wife, and offer employees the chance to use the pronoun Mx.

Ms and Mr aren’t pronouns, and neither is Mx. How about Comrade or Citizen?

They say that “guidance must make clear that all trans employees can use the facilities (e.g. toilets, changing rooms) they feel most comfortable using” and there should be “a formal commitment to introduce gender-neutral facilities”.

Thus underlining and adding exclamation points to their total, brutal indifference to women’s safety and privacy.

Gender fluid employees should be given “multiple passcards with different forms of gender expression” so they can be a different gender each day, Stonewall states. Applicants could “choose a gender marker other than male or female” or even “remove gender markers and titles from your systems altogether”.

Why stop there? Why not give species fluid employees multiple passcards with different species on them, so that employees could be a tamandua one day and a blue whale the next?

The Welsh Government – which made it to number nine on the list in 2020 – has proven to be one of the more enthusiastic adopters of the advice offered by Stonewall.

In its application they noted: “The Maternity and Adoption Leave Policy was updated in April to incorporate gender neutral language, removing binary gender references wherever possible … An accompanying policy, previously called New & Expectant Mothers Policy has been renamed ‘Policy for Pregnant or Nursing Employees’.

Pregnant fathers have rights too.

Employers are told that they could signal their commitment with badges, mugs, bi and trans flags and by profiling transwomen on International Women’s Day.

Oh that’s nice – Stonewall actively telling employers to shove women aside on International Women’s Day, and then to kick them by profiling men. Stonewall really hates women.

In its submission, Edinburgh University referred to its use of Rainbow lanyards, pens, t-shirts, cakes, flags and banners 28 times, leading to “great” feedback from their Stonewall marker.

Childish enough?

The Metropolitan Police, after its failure to make it onto the equality leader board for 2020, noted in a feedback review that it should use Stonewall to review “all HR policies”, a service offered free of charge to all diversity champions.

Oh just arrest a few women for talking back, that will take care of it.

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