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Say again?


Wo. Feminist women are…Hitler in heavy makeup.

Let’s see if Sophia Siddiqui’s writing is as malicious as that image.

The rigid biological notion that ‘a man is a man, a woman is a woman’, is central to how the far Right mobilises across Europe in order to enforce heterosexual norms.

Is it “rigid” and a “notion” though? Or is it just reality? Is it a “rigid biological notion” to say that a giraffes is not an earthworm?

Gay and lesbian couples, trans people and progressive groups that advocate for reproductive rights and gender equality continue to be demonised under a vague and malleable  ‘gender ideology’ …

When do trans people advocate for gender [or sex] equality? Trans people, especially trans women, advocate for themselves.

Moral panics around ‘LGBT ideology’ have been central to electoral campaigns…

This is why the T needs to be separated out. Yes there is homophobia, no that is not the same thing as saying that men are not women.

The past few months have seen a backlash against trans rights in the UK, led by ‘gender critical’ feminists who contend that sex is immutable and cannot be changed.

Blah blah blah; same old shit. It’s not a backlash against rights, it’s resistance to the monstering and negation of our rights. Nobody is campaigning to take any genuine rights away from trans people.

Of course the whole article goes on like that, relying on the core misrepresentation to build the entire house of cards. Along with the Hitler in lipstick and mascara image.

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