Ivanka Impactful

So it looks as if Princess Ivanka may have perjured herself.

The Trump family has trouble with depositions. In 2007 testimony, Donald Trump was repeatedly shown to be a liar. In February, Donald Trump Jr. was deposed in the Trump inauguration scandal lawsuit, and on several key points, under oath, he provided false testimony. A review of documents filed in that case and other material obtained by Mother Jones shows that Ivanka Trump also testified inaccurately during her deposition in this lawsuit. 

“Testified inaccurately” meaning “perjured herself.”

The inauguration probe was launched last year by Karl Racine, the attorney general of Washington, DC. He has alleged that Trump’s inauguration committee misused charitable funds to enrich the Trump family. As Racine put it, the lawsuit maintains “that the Inaugural Committee, a nonprofit corporation, coordinated with the Trump family to grossly overpay for event space in the Trump International Hotel… The Committee also improperly used non-profit funds to throw a private party [at the Trump Hotel] for the Trump family costing several hundred thousand dollars.”

That’s so Trump, isn’t it. “Hey this is a fabulous opportunity – just charge them 10 times the going rate, they won’t mind and we get to keep it.”

During a December 1 deposition—in which she swore to tell the truth—Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump who was an executive at the Trump Organization before becoming a White House adviser to her father, was asked if she had any “involvement in the process of planning the inauguration.” She replied, “I really didn’t have an involvement.” Ivanka testified that if her “opinion was solicited” regarding an inauguration event, she “would give feedback to my father or to anyone who asked my perspective or opinion.” And that was as far as her participation went.

She’s got the pseudo-intelligent jargon down – if anyone “solicited her opinion” she would “give feedback” on her “perspective.”

Anyway it’s not true, there are documents that show she was directly involved.

On November 29, 2016, Rick Gates, then the deputy chairman of the Presidential Inauguration Committee (known as the PIC), emailed her the current schedule of inauguration events. He noted that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a lead producer working with the PIC, “is going to call you to discuss some additional ideas she has about some other events that we would like to see if you would be willing to do based on our meetings.” Ivanka replied to Gates and Winston Wolkoff, “Great. I am looping in my assistant Suzie who can coordinate a time for us to connect.” 

Snerk. She can’t talk normally for a second. “Looping in” “coordinate a time for us to connect” – ooooh isn’t she grown-up and businessy.

And perjured.

There was another email, and another Business Speak reply.

“As mentioned, my interest in hosting [the dinner or reception for women entrepreneurs] depends on the quality and theme of the event. ” She added, “I would love to bring together an incredible group of female entrepreneurs and thought leaders and integrate young girls in the programing. If we can make it an impactful event, I would love to do it.”

Thought leaders! Impactful event! Hahahahahachoke god she’s a nightmare.

There’s an even better one in an image of her email:

“Maybe after you are aligned on an impactful idea we could meet again as a collective?”

Yeah and they should call themselves The Impactful Collective.

I don’t even care about the perjury any more, I think she should be locked up for her abuse of the language.

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